Fall is finally here and we are ready for the change! But is your skin? There are tons of tips out there to help you with the changing seasons, but don’t believe all of them! Below are 3 myths I hear over and over again.

Everyone needs to change their moisturizer with each season
Not every skin type will be affected by weather change. If you're using a moisturizer with the right balance of oil rich hydration and water binding properties (NURST!), changing your moisturizer won't be necessary for most people. What you may need to change is the amount that you exfoliate (add in 1 time per week) or add in a product that can increase the penetration of your moisturizer. A hydrating mist may help!

Oily Skin types do not need to add in a moisturizer.

Never. Oily skin is often water dry (dehydrated) and produces more oil to overcompensate for the lack of moisture. Oily skin needs a moisturizer that includes water binding ingredients (think hyaluronic acid, which holds 1000x its weight in water). Everyone needs to moisturize their skin to keep it balanced and happy. That’s why people have been using skincare since 3000 BCE!

I’m not out in the sun as often during the fall, so I don’t need to wear sunscreen daily.
Don’t let the weather change fool you. Sunscreen is the only product that can truly prevent aging and skin cancer. Use it. Daily. Multiple times if you go outside often. And even if you don’t.

Nurst is perfect to use year round for most skin types. Stick with it all year. If you haven’t started using our colostrum based moisturizer, now is a great time to purchase!