The holidays are magical. Magically fun, beautiful, and stressful. Worth it, yes! But let’s talk about what could be happening to your skin if you don’t take care of yourself this holiday season. 

A decrease in skin elasticity (hello new wrinkles)

Did you know that stress can decrease protein production in your cells which leads to a decrease in skin elasticity? Ouch. That’s a big one. 

Increase in breakouts

Your skin may produce more oils through stress hormones.  Thank you stress, just what I wanted for Christmas.

Stress rashes or eczema

Stress weakens our immune system which increases chances for rashes in the skin, even if you’re not normally prone to them.  

What to do:

Schedule in time for yourself. A long shower/bath, a good book to read, a moment to take deep breaths, some time for stretching. Moments where you can acknowledge the stress, tell it thank you for the warning and say goodbye.

Wash your hands often and you face twice a day.  You’re going to be around a lot of people and a lot of germs during the holiday season. You also touch your face and skin constantly.  Wash your hands any chance you get and make sure to cleanse your face morning or night with a gentle cleanser. 

Apply Nurst morning or night on face, hands, and any broken out (zits or rashes) parts of the skin (consult a doctor for rashes). Keep a tube in your purse and your bathroom so you have it to reapply!  Our not-so-secret weapon, colostrum, is a king at decreasing inflammation in the skin that causes breakouts of any kind.