Royal Family Farming has made it a priority to learn and implement ethical and regenerative farming practices. What is ethical farming? Ethical farming refers to the practice of growing crops and raising animals in a way that protects the environment and focuses on animal welfare.  Ethical farming focuses on sustainable and regenerative practices. We have put time, money, and endless thought and study into soil health and animal comfort. Healthy soil grows healthy plants. We treat our soil like the living thing that it is. We have built the largest worm farm in the world to utilize the natural process of the worm’s digestive system. The worm farm also makes it possible for us to reuse our water up to 10 times! In the process the worms also produce nutrient rich castings, which we then apply to our orchards. We also practice environmentally friendly tilling, and crop rotations.

Austin and the worm farm located at Royal Dairy

We love and respect our animals. If we don’t take care of them, they will get stressed and not produce. We provide shade, fans, misters, water beds, and dry places to lay to ensure they are comfortable and stress-free.

How can you not love on these beauties?

Another focus at Royal Family Farming that supports ethical farming practices is our workers’ welfare. We have an amazing community within RFF, and make effort to get to know, show support, build relationships, and provide a healthy lifestyle for our employees. They are truly our friends.

We value everyone that works with us and love that they are our family

Ethical farming is crucial so that we can keep our soils, animals, communities and families thriving and healthy for this generation and generations to come. Our ethical practices make it possible to have healthy strong momma cows that produce the best milk in the world: colostrum. Colostrum is what keeps our baby calves alive and thriving from the very beginning. With our excess colostrum, Nurst will continue to use the miracle of life-giving colostrum to regenerate your skin for years to come.