In a short time Skin Care has gone from cold cream and bar soap, to an endless variety of toners, moisturizers, and masks to keep our skin youthful. But now things have just gotten – well weird.

For example, with a google search of natural skin care you can find things on the internet such as “Donkey Cream”, “Placenta Serum”, “Snail Goo”, “Indian Healing Clay” – the list of strange substances to put on your skin is endless.

And as if our complicated obsession with rejuvenating our skin couldn’t have gotten even weirder, we hear stories about how Kim Kardashian and Victoria Beckham both drop $500 to have animal placenta plastered on their faces.


Now don’t get me wrong, even though I’m not a huge fan of questionable and expensive “natural” skin care treatments, I still strongly believe in taking a holistic and healthy approach to reversing the age of our skin.

Which is why when the local dairy farm that I get my milk from told me they were testing a new skin repair cream and that it’s main ingredient came from the breast milk of a cow, I decided to give it a shot.

A little back story on my skin history. I’m 51 and to say I’ve tried different skin care products would be an understatement. I’ve tried retinol and AHAs and while they have sometimes made a slight difference in my skin’s blemishes and fine lines, they just haven’t done enough to make the cost worthwhile.

So, when I first rubbed the Dairy Farm’s Nurst Rapid Skin Repair cream on my face I was not expecting much from this product. Even If I was thoroughly impressed with how super creamy and silky the consistency of this stuff was. I loved how it was very moisturizing, but not oily feeling.

I did not expect my face to change immediately after application. However, I have to say my face just felt more hydrated and clean throughout the entire day.

I didn’t really notice how well the cream was working until a few weeks later when a colleague of mine pointed out that my skin was looking great. And believe me, that’s not a compliment I get often. Or really ever.

I quickly made a restroom trip to take a closer look at my face and sure enough my red blemishes were practically gone and my lines were becoming smoother.

I decided to research why the cows breast milk could produce such a powerful change in my skin and was shocked to find out that this was no secret. Scientists have been studying and proving the insane benefits of Colostrum, the main ingredient in the cow’s breast milk, for years.

They say that the secretion contains a natural balance of hormones, amino acids, vitamins and minerals, and powerful immune factors and growth hormones that can dramatically improve the appearance of skin.

If you just google colostrum, you’ll quickly become a believer.

The only drawback to the Colostrum packed skin creams out there is that they are VERY expensive.

Fortunately for me Royal Family Farm, the dairy farm I got Nurst from, is able to supply their very own colostrum for the cream. Meaning they get to offer their new Rapid Repair Cream at an affordable price.

Check it out and don’t be squeamish, because this could be the best thing ever for your skin.