Hey, nice to meet you!

We are Nurst. A skincare company that originated on a dairy in Washington state. Yes, you read that right. A dairy. We won’t get into that right now, but if you’d like to read our story you can visit the about section of our website here

Now, back to business. Nurst offers simple, ultra-nourishing skincare with a big mission. Our core products are powered with bovine colostrum, lucky for us we own a dairy.

Colostrum is projected to be the #1 trending natural skincare ingredient in 2023 (WhoWhatWear), and we are going to be at the head of the pack leading the industry.

The question is: Will YOU be joining us? 

We are in the midst of preparing for our Colostrum Daily Moisturizer launch, making this the perfect opportunity for you to create a unique buzz that no one else is talking about. Colostrum has some pretty amazing qualities that make it a God-sent miracle worth utilizing including:


Natural Enzymes

Deeply Nourishing

Apply Today

Once you apply you will receive a series of emails with more information within 24 hours of entering.

Have another way you’d like to collaborate? Shoot us an email to share your idea! customerservice@nurst.com

Moisturizer Discount Code:

Not interested in becoming an affiliate? Enjoy a bottle of our NEW Colostrum Daily Moisturizer at 50% off in our coming release!

Release date is set for mid-February.

Use code: SJKFJN


We can’t wait to meet you!

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