Natural Miracles Found on Farms

Natural Miracles Found on Farms

It started with milk, a dairy farm, and a bad case of eczema…

Austin Allred, who owns Royal Dairy with his wife Camille, has always believed nature will provide everything we need. Having been around cows for most of his life, he was no stranger to the benefits of milk and the more miraculous benefits of colostrum – or first milk.

When his niece, Gracie, suffered from severe eczema, instead of sifting through shelves at the store trying to find a cream that would ease her discomfort, Austin immediately thought of milk.

Colostrum is often on my mind since I’m around cows all day and have seen the miracle that colostrum provides for the calf’s health. I believed colostrum would have the qualities needed to also heal my niece’s eczema.”

-Austin Allred, Royal Dairy and Nurst Owner

Colostrum is known as “liquid gold,” in small villages in Mexico where they never waste a drop. It’s literally used for everything, from skin remedies to health-boosting elixirs. Its anti-inflammatory response and growth factors help the skin regenerate. A no-brainer for eczema!

Royal Dairy cows produce over a million gallons of milk a month, with the momma cows producing AT LEAST twice the amount of colostrum their calves need. With the resources and information available, they knew they were onto something…

After partnering with a lab Nurst’s first product, the Colostrum Rapid Repair Cream was born (and Gracie’s eczema got under control!). Since then, many people have enjoyed the benefits Nurst can offer, from nourishing dry sensitive skin to helping with acne and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

The name “Nurst” honors the momma cows and alludes to the deep nourishment colostrum provides. Nourish + Nurse = Nurst

Through Nurst we are simplifying skincare routines with a product that is effective and safe for the whole family. 

Meet the Nurst Family

 Family is everything to us. We are a small but mighty team with a passion for sustainability, our community and our cows. Come say hi!

Austin and Camille Allred – Founders

Austin and Camille are the owners and founders of Royal Dairy and Nurst. Austin is a country boy, born and raised in Royal City. Camille is a city girl, born and raised in Spokane, Washington. The two met in college while Austin was studying business and moved to Royal together to purchase Royal Dairy in 2016. Together, they have 4 beautiful children and multiple business ventures. When Austin has an idea, he makes it happen.

Jen Davis – CEO

Jen started her career in the skin industry in 2004 and has never looked back. She has been a licensed esthetician since 2008, received her bachelor’s in management in 2011, and has worked in corporate sales in the beauty industry for the last decade. Jen was introduced to the Allreds through a mutual family friend and was drawn to their passion and forward-thinking.She loves to travel, hike with her husband and 2 young boys, swim, and spend time at the beach or mountains.

Ashlee Frank

Marketing and Royal Family Farming Liaison

Ashlee is Austin’s sister. Like Austin, she grew up on the farm, working, playing, and experiencing everyday country life. She went away to college to receive a degree in Community Health, where she met her husband. They now live back in Royal with their 5 children. Austin presented the idea of a colostrum cream when Ashlee’s daughter was suffering from severe eczema. After seeing the benefits of the cream, and doing some personal research, Ashlee happily joined the team to share Nurst with the world.


Erin Pike 

Customer Service and Operations

Erin is Austin’s sister. She is creative and forward-thinking and has always loved helping her family. She moved away from the farm for many years but was happy to return to her roots. When Erin saw a need to take a load off of her brother and sister, she joined the team as our operations manager and ships all our orders!

Tori Webb

Social Media

Tori serves as the social media manager for both Royal Family Farming and Nurst. She grew up in the central valley of California, surrounded by agriculture, so she has always felt a connection with farming and hard work. She is passionate about providing positive life experiences for the next generation and about supporting her community. Tori and her husband have 3 children and enjoy staying active, whether by athletics or by exploring the great outdoors.

Seila Christensen 

Marketing Assistant

Seila grew up in Royal City and loved small-town farm life. Seila currently does email marketing and graphics for Nurst, and loves being creative and learning new talents to share with the team. She was drawn to Nurst because of the miracles she saw within the Allred family, and she wanted to be a part of their passion for supporting regenerative agriculture and inclusion. 

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