Tallow + Colostrum Soap Bar

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4.5 oz Soap Bar and Soap Saver Drawstring Bag

Pure and incredibly fresh, (literally made into soap days after collecting the raw ingredients from our farm!), this multi-use bar is guaranteed to leave your skin feeling seriously clean and seriously nourished, from face to feet, for all ages!

Whether you're prone to irritation, dealing with dryness, or simply seeking a chemical-free and effective cleansing experience, our Tallow + Colostrum Soap Bar is here to support you on your journey to healthier skin. 

Our bar comes packaged in a reusable soap savor bag that hangs dry, helps reduce bar waste, and gives you a gentle sudsy exfoliation when used on the body.  



our tallow based soap ingredients are inspired by our local economic cycle found in the columbia basin using regenerative farming.

Regenerative Farming

Fragrance free tallow based soap bar

Fragrance and Essential Oil Free

Family Friendly

Chemical Free

Sustainably Packaged

Tallow: Rich in natural fatty acids, tallow gently cleanses while maintaining your skin’s essential moisture. Say goodbye to dryness and hello to a supple, radiant complexion.

Olive Oil: Renowned for its nourishing qualities, olive oil ensures that your skin receives the vitamins and antioxidants it craves for a healthy, youthful glow.

Castor Oil: This gentle oil works wonders in cleansing, helping to draw out impurities without disrupting your skin’s delicate balance.

Colostrum: A gift from nature, colostrum delivers a potent blend of nutrients, antibodies, and growth factors. It aids in healing, rejuvenating, and enhancing your skin’s natural resilience.

Honey: A soothing touch of honey ensures your skin remains hydrated and pampered. Its humectant properties lock in moisture, leaving your skin feeling soft and revitalized.

How we use our Tallow + Colostrum Soap Bar:
-Face and body cleansing
-balancing oil production
-Baby and children
-mild enough for the youngest skin
-Hand Washing
-Hair Purifying (2nd cleanse to strip excess product build-up)

To get the most out of your soap bar in the shower, cute a 1 inch thick piece of soap and place in your soap saver. Use in shower until that soap piece is completely used up (about 1 week) and then cut a new piece. Make sure your soap saver is hanging in a spot that it can dry. Great for travel as well!
*soap saver is not recommended for use on babies/small children.

4 reviews for Tallow + Colostrum Soap Bar

  1. paulina.regalado1997 (verified owner)

    This bar of soap is seriously amazing for all of its purposes! I have found that when I use it to shave my legs, I never get the red or pink dots!! (some people call it strawberry legs) My husband uses it shave his head and beard and he says it’s like shaving with honey butter! I will never buy a can of shaving cream again! It’s great for a good hair detox too! If you have a lot of build up on your scalp, it’s a great way to detox!

  2. Amy (verified owner)

    Nourishing and good

  3. Riley

    I love this soap bar! I did not think I was going to be a soap bar person, but I was excited to have a more products with colostrum for my skin and Nurst did not disappoint. I love how creamy and rich the lather is and it doesn’t dry out my skin. My favorite way to use it is when I’m shaving.

  4. Jaiden Cleverly (verified owner)

    The Tallow+ Colostrum soap bar is so awesome! I cut it up to have it in multiple places around my home! It makes my skin feel so much better than any other soaps!

  5. Jesse

    I LOVE this bar (and I don’t normally like soap bars)! The lather is so soft and creamy and my skin never feels dry after showers or washing my face. I get really itchy skin after showers and that hasn’t happened since I started using the bar!

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