For ages humans have been on the hunt for unique and rare beauty wonders that can heal and bring youthfulness to their skin.

So much so that people around the world spend billions of dollars every year on these rare products in hopes of achieving beauty or healing.

But what if I told you that you didn’t have to look farther than your local farmyard to find one of the most powerful anti-aging and skin repairing superfoods in the world.

And that some of the most well renowned health scientists have been studying it’s benefits for decades. With most of them concluding that this is simply a miracle ingredient.

They even call it liquid gold.

I’d imagine you’d want to know what this ingredient is.

It’s called Colostrum, also known as the first food of life.

Hmm Sounds Familiar…..

You’ve probably heard of the word before.

That’s because Colostrum is the first food transferred from a mother to baby post birth.

This thick yellow fluid comes before the breastmilk and has miraculous properties that activates the immune system of the baby.

Now, before you get entirely grossed out. The colostrum we’re speaking about for skin and beauty health comes from cows not humans.

It’s called Bovine Colostrum and in fact it’s not as strange as you think. This miracle ingredient has been in medical practices for centuries.

Mostly because of it being super packed with nutrients that strengthen and support your immune system, stimulate cellular renewal, and provide antioxidant support.

Benefits for your skin

Bovine Colostrum can provide many benefits for your entire body. It can help with sports performance, gut health, and much more.

However, for the sake of using it as a natural skin repair cream we’re going to discuss it’s many anti-aging benefits.

Skin Cell Renewal Booster

As you probably know, our bodies can be really good at healing themselves. And that’s because of the naturally produced growth factors which stimulate the renewal of skin cells and tissues.

Unfortunately, as we age these growth factors get produced less and less. Leaving us to deal with inflammation and older looking skin.

Good news. Bovine Colostrum contains a host of these growth factors!

These natural growth factors can ramp back up your body’s healing ability. Leaving your skin looking new… literally.

Increased Collagen Production

Everyone loves tight and vibrant skin.

And when we’re younger it seems like our skin will stay that way forever. However, we all know what happens with age. The skin starts to lose its tightness and quickly fades.

This happens because of a decreased production of Collagen in the body.

Collagen is responsible for giving our skin strength and elasticity. And the great part about Bovine Colostrum is that it stimulates the production of collagen!

This means you can now keep your tight and vibrant skin longer…. Or even get it back!

Protection from Sun Damage

This is a huge one for sun lovers!

Bovine Colostrum provides your body with a natural source of lactoferrin, which is responsible for skin repair in the body. And now research indicates that it can reduce and even prevent damage from harmful UV rays.

Say goodbye to sun spots!


You’ll just have to try it for yourself

It can be hard to get your hands on good quality Bovine Colostrum cream that is cost effective and actually easily to apply.

Which is why we at Royal Family Farming actually took the initiative to create our own Bovine Colostrum packed Skin Repair Cream.

Because we hand-make our Colostrum right here on the farm, we’re able to offer it at an affordable price and ensure it’s of the highest quality and concentration of this liquid gold.