Colostrum is the first milk created by mammals to sustain the life of their babies.  For bovine, colostrum is essential to raise healthy calves.  A calf needs about 1.5 gallons of colostrum in it’s 1st 24 hours of life to receive the antibodies it needs to survive.  How is it that a small amount of a liquid substance can literally sustain life?  We only know the start of that answer.  Also, a mama cow usually produces triple the amount that the calf needs. Why was a cow made to produce so much more than a calf can drink? To us, it’s a miraculous gift

What history and science can tell us is that the natural growth factors and antioxidants found in colostrum can help improve our immune systems when taken internally and the elasticity of the skin (increase production of collagen) when applied topically.  We have also seen a decrease in inflammation in irritated or broken out skin, and a decrease in the appearance of sun damage when used in a cream.  This divinely created gift can make us feel good inside and out.

At Nurst, we formulate our products with the colostrum from our regenerative dairy ( and work with a lab to produce clean and effective products that are environmentally conscious.  We are proud of what we produce and that we are aiding in the education of this miraculous nature made ingredient.

In the 2 years, thousands of tubes of Nurst have been tested by our customers.  With a 100% money back guarantee, not ONE customer has returned their product.  What they have returned is reviews of how their eczema has cleared up, their skin is more comfortable, their fine lines and wrinkles have appeared lighter, their dark spots have faded, their break outs have cleared, and their redness has diminished.  Each review or comment we receive tells us a new story of how colostrum is a miraculous gift.  And brings a huge smile to our faces.