Why is my skin so itchy in the winter?

Is your dry winter skin getting on your nerves? If you don’t see any red, inflamed areas (eczema, hives, etc), simple dry skin is a typical reason for itchy skin.

Reasons for extremely dry winter skin:

-Dry air (heaters and environment)

-Too hot of showers

-Harsh soaps

-Over exfoliation

-products containing alcohol


What to do:

-Humidifiers in room while you sleep

-warm shorter showers

-gentle body and face washes with no sulfates

-limit exfoliation to enzymes or see a professional

-stop using any products with harsh alcohols

-increase your water intake to half your body weight in ounce

-APPLY NURST! Our colostrum moisturizers will decrease inflammation, increase hydration, and protect from the elements.